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We at The True Hair understand the value and importance of your hair and very well acquainted with its importance of it in your life, because we are the professional of providing hair services and that is why we are well acknowledged with the role of beautiful hairs in the life. All our products are made from specially handpicked top quality cent percent real human hair. We provide the most natural, unprocessed, uncoloured hair. We [promise that only the freshest top quality handpicked hair products will always be flown in directly from our factories to ensure its freshness.

As we all are lover of beauty and good looking personality, we know this as well that how important role is played by our hairs to make our look good and attractive. But there are lots of people who are facing very ridiculous problem of hair fall, so if you are in same condition and looking for best hair service True Hair is the perfect destination for your entire hair solution with our affordable and recommended quality products.

This is the generation of fashionable look and achieve attractive and bold look we especially women apply different hair styles. To make this easy True Hair provides lace closure service. Its flexibility and versatility of closures make them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, and premed or the less thrilling receding hairline. In order to get the best results, always get your closure fitted by a professional. And with our entire product we offer you our professionals for your comfort.


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We all love to look ornamented and stylish and for that we try many things and beauty products. One of the most important parts of our beauty is our beautiful hairs and True Hair is a service provider especially for your hair. Our sole mission is to provide the best unprocessed bundle hair products at the lowest price possible by eliminating the middleman. We promise that only the freshest top quality handpicked hair products will always be flown in directly from our store to ensure its freshness.

The owner of good hair looks different and bold in the heavy crowd because it is the essential aspect of our good look and we can realize that how great role to make our look attracting. We at True Hair provide quality products to keep your healthy thick and healthy. Our main goal is to over cxceed our customer’s expectations and provides a new and exciting shopping experience with satisfaction guaranteed. We understand that it is difficult to find trustable and affordable service but we assure your trust will be satisfied.

A frontal closure is a hair finishing piece, for a full head of weave. You will not have to leave out any of your own hair with a frontal hair closure. The lace is placed against the edge of the hairline giving you the look of natural growth from the root. We offer frontal closure in each texture. We make you sure that whatever we offer you are just to keep you best and to satisfy your desire.